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This website is my attempt to increase the odds of winning a lottery.  The simple explanation of what I'm doing is looking at a limited number of recent draws and using that data to predict what the next draw will look like.  Of course, I'm not able to pick the numbers specifically but I am narrowing the amount of numbers to choose from, thereby increasing the odds.

The reason I only look at a limited number of recent draws is that if I went back and used all of the data from every draw since the beginning of the game, there would be no meaningful information because the lottery is truly random and over time all the numbers are in play.  But, the gambler in me knows that numbers can streak so I'm counting on that to take recent lottery draw information and predict future draws.  If you check my results page, you'll see that my method is somewhat predictive.

I do this for fun and because I find it interesting.  If you find it interesting please follow along and see how close I can get.  I do not claim that I can help anyone to win a lottery but, if anyone uses this information and they do somehow win, I'm very happy for you and hope you will let me know.
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